Vilinska tvornica j.d.o.o. is a small, family-owned business with a single goal – to deliver top-quality, handmade, organic and healthy dog snacks and delicacies through our Vau torte brand. In Croatia, we offer a full range of products, including dog cakes and biscuits, while our international customers can enjoy our famous Vau torte Dog Cookies, suitable for dogs of every size and breed, even for dogs with allergies and digestion issues.

Our dogs are our family (along with our 3 children and 4 cats!) and it is because we love them all so much, we only want what is best for them. We have been producing cakes and cookies for dogs for 15 years, but until recently they were only meant for our dogs and dogs of our family members and friends. It is them who persuaded us to share our knowledge and love with the rest of the world!

We started producing dog delicacies when we noticed issues with our dogs after we gave them commercially available treats: skin problems and scratching, sometimes even vomiting – this was enough of a reason for us to decide to prepare some homemade treats for them. In our search for a healthy treat, we found out that the only way to do it was to produce them ourselves. Results were immediately visible – all the issues were gone and from that moment our dogs only enjoy our own, Vau torte treats and delicacies.

To make sure our products are of top quality we only work with the most reliable suppliers of meat, flour, and other ingredients. We make no compromise – we only work with the best. Every Vau torte product can be safely consumed by humans too. We do not use preservatives, artificial food dyes, salt or sugar. Every product is handmade in controlled conditions.

Our dogs have sampled (and thoroughly enjoyed) all of our products and they are our most reliable and efficient quality control jury.

Vilinska tvornica j.d.o.o.
reg 30, 10362 Kašina
OIB: 07373822214
MBS: 4162005