Vegetarian treats for dogs

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Vegetarian treats for dogs are really something. Made from the selected combinations of flavours they are healthy, tasty and amazingly crunchy. They can even be enjoyed by your human friend, although please make it clear that these are your treats!

Vau Torte Handmade treats for dogs are made from high-quality ingredients – fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit. Our products do not contain artificial dyes, preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers. Each individual biscuit is handmade, baked and dried in controlled conditions. Finished biscuits are packaged and stored shortly before being dispatched to you, as the majority of our dry treats are made per order so time spent in storage is very short if any.

Vegetarian treats for dogs

Handmade Dog Biscuits – Vege Mix


Vegetarian treats for dogs

Handmade Mini Dog Biscuits – Vege Mix