Christmas Bone Gift Pack – Dog Biscuits


Christmas Dog Bones Biscuit is a handmade treat, carefuly made from fresh, high quality ingredients. It is a perfect gift for your four-legged friend and it will fit nicely under your Christmas tree. This gift pack contains two bone-shaped biscuits. All treats are handmade and they contain no artificial dyes or colouring, food aditives, preservatives or flavour enchancers.

Each gift pack contains two dog-shaped biscuits. One is made from mix of meat flavours (sardines, chicken and beef) and the other is meat-free, made from blueberry, carrot and honey. Other ingredients are: whole grain wheat flour, linseed flour, olive oil and meat-based biscuit also contains aloe vera and cranberry.

Size: 12 cm (1 biscuit)
Weight: cca 65 g

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