Christmas Dog Treats Gift Pack


Now, this is a special one – a big gift pack of handmade dog biscuits and treats, carefully prepared from fresh, high quality ingredients. When it comes to presents, this is the best you can do – it contains tasty biscuits and it will bring joy to your furry friend, or friends.

All treats are handmade and they contain no artificial dyes or colouring, food aditives, preservatives or flavour enchancers.

Christmas Biscuit Present Pack contains 3 bone-shaped biscuits, 1 Gingerbread Man biscuit and 1 of each packages of Christmas Presents Biscuits in 100 and 180 gram packages.

Package: 520 g

Ingredients: beef, chicken, sardine, spirulina, sesame seeds, chia seeds, aloe vera, cranberry, whole grain wheat flour, olive oil, linseed flour, parsley.

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